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Boost your brand with professional publishing

Establish your self as an author in your field with a full ownership book publishing solution aimed at the right target audience and make yourself known for your talents

Manor House Books is a standalone self publisher with a difference.

We are a one-stop shop. If you have even the remotest thoughts of seeing your name in print but don’t know where or how to begin. You have arrived at the only business who can take you to your destination. As well as market, sell, brand, distribute your masterpiece locally and globally. And you don’t need to do a single bit of work for it. So what do you need? Only an idea for a manuscript – that’s all – and a bit of upfront cash to start the ball rolling. Even the monetary part of it is affordable, why? Because we are passionate about books and writing. Read “About Us” to find out how.

What We Offer

Self Publishing



Ghost Writing

Sales, Marketing, Branding

Logistics and Handling

Global Distribution

Printing and Publishing

Graphic Design

ISBN & Copyright Registration

Publish Your Book Now

Publish your book now with Manor House Books, get your story out there and become a known author. We will help you with your book publishing and so much more. We strive to see your books in the shops, on the shelves and wherever books are sold.

Dreams are made at Manor House Books. So many people have given up on their quest to hold their very own book in their hands. So many people have ideas in their minds for a story. No matter what it is we all have a story to tell in some form. But, to get it into print and to have it earning money for you is something completely different. Neil will help you reach your dreams – and you don’t need to do much for it. How is this possible you will ask? I will Ghost Write your book for you. All I require is the basic outline that’s in your mind, from their we will engage over email and WhatsApp so that I can gather your thoughts. And begin to assemble the book of your dreams. Once complete I have the entire supply chain so that your manuscript can be sold on all the worlds major online shops. And in a number of physical book stores also, as well as on the Manor House Books website.

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